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Tykox64's News

Posted by Tykox64 - July 26th, 2010

The re-release and the sequel have been put on hold... My artist has started school again and is swamped with homework so it may be a little while.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 24th, 2010

Ok, since people seem to genuinely like crusher I'm going to re-release it as an actual game, with a story, and levels, and all that other good stuff. well, 1 level, but there will be a bigger better sequel. I just want to re-release the first one cuz I have a great story in mind that would be easier this way. I'll take my time on this one and it will be great. the first one was made in a week and a half, HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES!

Posted by Tykox64 - June 23rd, 2010

Anyone else get horrible insomnia when they program? I can't sleep worth a damn when I'm working on something.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 22nd, 2010

Kudos on making the api. I give up. the save data isn't saving files, my medals are not being approved or denied, the scoreboard wont update or save scores... I've tried everything I can think of and I can't get a hold of ANYONE who would be even remotely helpful. oh well. time to try and find another solution.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 21st, 2010

I decompiled the Newgrounds API library.swf file to look at the code for the api, I can not figure out why the scoreboard isn't found. I created one on the website, named it, and then referenced it in my code but for some reason it seems as if the scoreboards aren't populated into the api _scoreboards array... whatever. oh well. if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if My scoreboards need "Approval" or whatever I'd appreciate it, if not, I don't know what to do from here.

:EDIT: After looking through the code for a while, I can't find where populateScoreBoards is supposed to be called and even so it's a private static function which means the call has to come from within the file... I'm so confused.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 19th, 2010

The game, Crusher, is finally uploaded to the portal, I'm slowly working out the kinks, but the scoreboard does not work and I can't figure out why it wont connect, I guess I'll just post in the forums and wait. other than that it's fully playable and doesn't have TOO many bugs, I hope. enjoy peoples.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 15th, 2010

The ad's work, the Medals work, but the scoreboard refuses to be subject to my torment. I'm hoping that it's just not recording the scores and once I put it in the portal it will actually track scores... the preview page is generally helpful, I really just want the scoreboard to work in the preview so that I don't have to tinker with it once it's submitted.

Newgrounds API.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 13th, 2010

Yup, that's right, 1.5. Gonna get the main char done in the next couple of days and the background might be touched up then its off to the portal.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 11th, 2010

OK, the sound effects are in, the programming is done and all that's left are a few art assets! looking pretty good for a week and a half of work.

Posted by Tykox64 - June 10th, 2010

ok, so the programming for the game is pretty much complete, now the fun part, getting all the art, animation and sound effects in there... help me plz!!!! *goes and cries in a corner.*

[Edit] The music from test playing it is stuck in my head. if anyone wishes to test play the game or help with art, animation, or sounds pm me.